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  • Bright silver
  • Content 12 x 2,70 m = 32,4 m
  • Type Drilled/selfstick
  • Height 12 mm
  • Width 32 mm
  • Length 2,7 m

Carpet hammer Forged steel with wooden grip. Diam. 18 mm

Carpet seam adhesive Seam adhesive (without volatile organic compounds) that dries transparent and can be easily removed with soap and water.

Only to be ordered per 12 pieces 1x item in shopping cart = 1 box

Chalk Reel 15 mtr

Chalk refill White - 227 gr.

Safe (according to DIN 1661-FT) and beautiful. Excellent field of vision. Scratch resistant. 99.99 UV protection. Adjustable length (4 positions)

Coarse tooth plate for R10410, R10422 en R10501

Contact adhesive Universal adhesive based on synthetic rubberwith good heat resistance and excellentageing.12 x 1 ltr.

Heatbond carpet welder Cool Shield.Incl. trivet - 1,000 W. With thermostat control,infinitely adjustable from 65-220°C.Ribbed Teflon base plate.

Course tooth plate for R10505

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